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PropertyStore Working Policy

  1. In a sale/ Purchase deal a token amount has to be done at the time of deal finalisation, later 25% in one month and remaining in 2 or 3 months.
  2. In a Rental Deal token amount has to be done at the time of deal finalisation and later 2+1(two month advance + one month running) payment is done before shifting.
  3. All the Legal formalities will be done by mutual understanding and discussion of both the parties, before transforming into hard copy.(once it's printed can’t be changed)
  4. In a Rental Deal, Agreement charges are buried half & half by both the parties that are tenant and owner in both cases (Notarized or Registered Agreement).
  5. Shifting only can be done once all the payment work as well all legal formalities are completed, as if any formality is pending, possession will not be given.
  6. If any deal is cancelled after a token, its paid amount will be returned or forfeited depending upon discussion held between both parties, the company has no Responsibility of it.
  7. All the Legal work is done by the company according to the discussion held between both parties as we are your mediator and wish to give no headache to our clients.
  8. As finalisation of any deal, payment must be done within the time period discussed earlier, delay in payment may create chances of conflicts and may be cancellation of the deal.
  9. Visits of any Property will be booked one day before on a working time and we expect from our clients to be punctual as sudden visits are not possible in many cases.
  10. Trust is what we all are working for, and we keep all transparency with our clients, similarly we expect from our clients and customers to be fair at all levels with no unethical activity.